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Who we are and what we do

North of the Tyne Detecting is a group based in the North East of England, created by detectorists for detectorists. The club holds regular weekend digs, and hosts a friendly online community of over 3,100 detectorists, and a platform to share their experiences, tips, pictures of their finds, and generally discuss all things detecting-related.
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How it all began...

North of the Tyne Detecting was founded in 2018 by Scotty Bea, to welcome people new to the hobby and provide them with support and land to search. Scotty had acquired permission to search on a huge area of land, more than any one person could cover alone in their lifetime, and saw this as a great opportunity to extend the invitation to others.

Starting as a small Facebook group, the club has since become one of the largest and most well-known in the UK, with over 2,400 members and supported by a number of big-name sponsors.

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A friendly and helpful community...

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North of the Tyne Detecting is a very friendly and sociable group, and welcomes all members new and old to the hobby. With regular weekend digs and club meetings, it offers a chance to meet other detectorists and make new friends.
Our Facebook group offers a place to share your experiences and pictures of your finds, read and post interesting articles, ask questions, and get advice on finds identification. Details of all club digs are posted on the Events Page, and we have a vast gallery of member's finds.

Helping each other and having fun is the underlying motivation and aims of the club.

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Charity work...

About Charity

Giving something back to the community is also central to the heart of North of the Tyne Detecting.

Many of our digs are run to raise money for local and national charities and we have also run competitions and sold branded items to help raise funds for a number of good causes, including The Percy Hedley Foundation and Cancer Research.

We raised £3200 for Children North East at our Detectorcon 2021 rally.

At our 2021 Christmas dig we collected selection boxes and raised money that was used to buy toys and gifts for children at the local Newcastle hospital.

In 2019, funds raised by North of the Tyne Detecting were used to purchase much-needed kit for a local children's football team - in the west end of Newcastle.

With the help of our members, we also donated £500 to a local children's judo club to enable them to compete in a championship competition in Holland. The young athletes did very well and brought a number of trophies back home to the UK!


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A responsible club...

North of the Tyne Detecting understand the importance of archaeology and history, and the need to respect and not damage the land you explore. We have a strict set of club rules for our digs that all members must abide by.
We insist that all members obtain insurance to participate in our club digs, and that you take the time to read and follow the NCMD code of conduct on all your digging ventures, both with us and otherwise.

We also wish to highlight the importance of having your finds recorded, and in particular the legal requirement for all items considered treasure to be handed in for proper professional assessment. This is done via the Portable Antiquity Scheme, and we strongly encourage you all to take the time to read through their website for the latest rules and guidelines. We have an FLO (Finds Liason Officer) that works closely with the club to help members with this process, and we are happy to assist you if you need any help.
We do not condone detecting on land that searchers do not have permission to be on (aka 'hawking').

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Detectorcon Two - July 29th-August 1st, 2022

About Detectorcon

Following the success of Detectorcon 2021, North of Tyne Detecting is pleased to announce that we will be hosting another large weekend rally this year - Detectorcon 2022

With over 600 acres to search, camping, retail stalls, caterers, licenced bar, a prize raffle, fire-pit and evening entertainment - this is an event not to be missed.

Further details can be found on the Detectorcon Rally page and will be posted on the Facebook Events page. Tickets are now available !

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