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Club Rules for all digs

In addition to the NCMD code of conduct and regulations set out by the Portable Antiquity Scheme, North of the Tyne Detecting has a strict set of club rules that all members must abide by when on club digs. Please take a moment to read them here. These are also posted on our Facebook Page.

Marshals will be in attendance at all digs (wearing high-viz vests) to ensure that these rules are followed, and to help with the management of significant finds.









Any finds which are considered to be “treasure” must be reported to a group dig marshal.
The definition of what constitutes “treasure” can be found on the
Portable Antiquity Scheme’s website. Marshals can be easily identified by their high-viz vests.


If you find a hoard (3+ items in the same hole) you MUST report it to a group dig marshal, who will further assist you. Marshals can be easily identified by their high-viz vests.


All detectorists are required to hold valid liability insurance e.g. FID/NCMD; and must be able to provide evidence of this at the dig (e.g. membership card). If you do not have a valid NCMD membership you will not be able to detect.


All detectorists must follow the Countryside Code.


All holes must be filled properly. If you are observed/reported to not fill your holes properly you will first receive a warning, then if it happens again you will be asked to leave without a refund.


Please place all rubbish in the scrap bins provided or take it home with you – do NOT leave unwanted items on top of holes.


Detectorists must stay within the allocated fields, as described by the group organisers. If you are found detecting in any land that you are not meant to be in, you will be asked to leave and all your finds will be taken from you and handed to the landowner.


The club’s contract for splitting the value of significant/treasure finds is 50% to the finder and 50% to the land-owner.

The contract for Detectorcon is a split of 45% to the finder, 45% to the land-owner and 10% to the farmer.

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