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Rules for
Detectorcon 2022..

Here you will find the rules and terms & conditions for the Detectorcon 2022 rally.

Please abide by the North of the Tyne Detecting rules at all times while in attendance at this dig event.


Anyone found breaking any rules will forfeit their rights to detect for the entire dig and will be told to leave the site immediately. Serious offences may result in a ban from all club digs and events.


Staff have the right to refuse entry or make people leave the site at their discretion if they feel they have good cause, regardless of whether they have a ticket.

Your attendance indicates that you accept these rules and agree to abide by them.


Anyone who has knowingly had Covid symptoms and/or have had a positive COVID test result within the 7 days prior to the event – YOU MUST NOT ATTEND!!!
We are very sorry but we are legally obligated to inform you of this. Anyone who still attends that is aware that they have covid/positive test will be reported and forced to leave the site for everyone’s safety.



You will be given maps. The field map shows the land available to detect and on which days.

You may only detect on land which is open that day!
Anyone found detecting on land that is not open, or in areas marked ‘off-limits’, will be escorted back to the Main Arena and their finds given to the landowner.


Do not TRESPASS! You may only detect on the designated fields marked on the maps. 


Available land includes a mix of pasture, ploughed and woodland. Many of the pasture fields have been ploughed in the past. Please note that there may be a bit of rough ground up on the top hilly area - but if you do not like it then there’s plenty of other land to go at. 


All maps and areas are an approximate guide and are 'subject to change' at any time during the event depending on detecting suitability. Any changes made will be announced on the Detectorcon notice board in the Main Arena.





Always fill your holes carefully, and stamp them down to re-level the ground. Return as much soil into the hole as possible (do not leave it scattered across the surface!). Surface crop/grass should be replaced the right-way up. If you are unsure about how to dig/fill holes properly – please ask a marshal for help.


Only spades and trowels/small digging tools to be used - no pickaxes and no mattocks! 


Take any large items of iron such as plough shards and horse shoes with you. Please do not leave them on the surface - this will cause damage to farm machinery.


Remove all unwanted finds (e.g. cartridges cases and other small junk items) and place them in the scrap bins provided. Larger unwanted items may be left neatly next to these bins.


Headphones must be worn when detecting. Detecting without headphones is not permitted, unless you wear hearing aids and/or have a genuine reason that prevents you from using headphones. 



Please ensure that you understand the laws of the Treasure Act, including recent updates and export licences. Further information can be found at


Finds that are subject to Treasure Act laws and/or have a value exceeding £400, are to be shared between the finder (45%), land owner (45%) and land tenant (10% ). (Landowner’s rules)


Please show your finds in the main marquee – where they can also be recorded and displayed.

We strongly encourage people to record their finds with the Portable Antiquity Scheme, via a Finds Liaison Officer (FLO). By law, finds of potential Treasure must be reported to the Coroner in whose district they were found within 14 days of discovery.


If you find a hoard/significant treasure item – please call a marshal for assistance in the field. If necessary, they will cordon off the area to prevent others in, and ensure that any further excavation is done properly.


If you discover a grave – please call a marshal for assistance in the field. Any discovery of human remains must be reported to the police immediately – even if they are believed to be ancient. 


Live Ammunition:

If you discover any live ammunition or any lethal objects (e.g. unexploded bomb or mine) do NOT touch it!

You should immediately notify those around you of the danger, and move back to a safe distance (at least 20m away). Contact a marshal immediately, who in turn will call the police.


Mark the location carefully. If it is safe to do so, take a photo of the item in the hole, as this can aid the bomb squad. But DO NOT stop to take a photo if there is any risk that it could explode (e.g. if you struck it with your spade or hear ticking!).



Litter bins are provided: All rubbish must always be placed in bins. 


Water bowsers are available for washing, but are NOT to be used for drinking water.


No dogs allowed, unless pre-arranged and authorised with event organiser. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and may not leave the main arena field. Owners are responsible for clearing up their dog’s mess.


Young children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Management cannot accept liability for injury or be responsible for their safety. Farms and fields are full of hidden dangers. 


Attendees are not permitted to have open fires in the campsite. BBQs are allowed, providing that they are raised from the ground, and you have an appropriate fire-extinguisher.


Car parking is provided; however, parking is at your own risk. Management is not responsible for damage or theft to any vehicles or vehicles content. This is a big event and thieves may operate on the area - take extra care and look after your belongings. Keep your passports and money safe. 


Health & Safety:

First aiders are on site in the dark blue gazebo in the main arena, for minor injuries and illness. In the event of an emergency please call 999 immediately. 


The Lost Person Point is the dark blue gazebo (first-aid point), in the main arena.


In the event of an emergency – the fire/group assembly point is by the double telegraph poles in the main arena. If an off-site evacuation is required, staff will instruct you on where to go and provide assistance.


Royal Victoria Infirmary (A&E): Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LP = 36 miles

Hexham General Hospital (Urgent treatment centre, no A&E): Corbridge Rd, Hexham NE46 1QJ = 18 miles


Your Conduct: 

Please be courteous and respectful to other people and the environment at all times. Physical/verbal abuse towards staff, volunteers and attendees will not be tolerated. Security/marshals will act if necessary. They will contact the authorities when required and this may result in prosecution. 


Please drink responsibly.  


Remember that you are representing our hobby, so please conduct yourselves in a responsible way at all times.

! Enjoy your weekend !


The Detectorcon team x

If you require any further information please contact us!

(Please note that staff will be setting up the site in the week prior to the rally; so there may be a delay in replying to messages, but we'll try our best!)
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