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Detectorcon 2021

Friday 23rd - Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th - July, 2021

detectorcon 2021 logo.jpg
Last year, we had a whopping 900+ acres of previously undetected land, in a historically-rich area near Bellingham, Northumberland.

There was a great variety of finds, but the ones that got most attention were the numerous Roman coins that came up, that were declared a scattered hoard!
A great time was had by all, and the weather could not have been better!

Best of all, with the help of all the fantastic attendees, we raised a brilliant £3200 for local charity Children North East!
DT2021-crowd arena - Marcus regton.jpg
You can take a look here at some of the highlights and pictures from Detectorcon 2021.

And if you want to be part of the fun this year, then be sure to get your
tickets for Detectorcon Two 2022 before they sell out!
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LRH DT2021 cheers.jpg
Photo credits to Lily Rose Hunter, Helen Kinvig, Andy Thornton, Scotty Bea and Marcus Regton. Many more photos can be found on our Facebook page.
Approximately 400 people turned up to enjoy Detectorcon 2021 - with most pitching up camp and making the most of the on-site facilities and entertainment included. Spread across 900+ acres of beautiful Northumberland countryide, in glorius sunshine, there was plenty of land and different terrains to detect, and equally plenty of opportunities to sit and bask in the Summer sun after many months of lockdown!
LRH DT2021 - group sat.jpg
LRH DT2021 - ploughed distant.jpg
Lilly rose HUnter LRH - detectorcon 2021-walking.jpg
Andy Thornton DT2021 hoard barrier.jpg
LRH detectrcon 2021 ploughed.jpg
LRH DT2021 - hill field hay bales.jpg
Back in the event arena, there was a marquee full of trade stands, alongside Regton's portable shop - providing just about everything you could have needed or just wanted.
As the finds came up, and filled the display box in the marquee - coin and artifact experts from DNW and Lingdum Colonium were on hand to provide professional identifications and valuations.
finds display unit 2021.jpg
ATMD stall 2 2021.jpg
DNW finds ID 2021.jpg
HK trade stalls DT2021.jpg
LRH DT2021 trade stalls.jpg
ATMD stall 2021.jpg
Everyone was kept well fed and watered too! Rutherfords bar kept everyone merry with delicious home-brewed beers, ciders and gin (I think they under-estimated quite how much we drink!). Bowers had the hot food covered, and Snack Attack offered the pioneering field packed-lunches.
And who doesn't love an ice-cream van in the sun!!
LRH DT2021 rutherfords bar.jpg
LRH DT2021 bowers burger van.jpg
LRH DT2021 icecream van.jpg
Relaxing and catching up with friends, old and new, was a highlight for many. Especially at night around the fantastic North of the Tyne Detecting Firepit.
The live entertainment kept eveyone in good spirits too.
scotty 2021.jpg
Andy Thornton DT2021 family group coin.jpg
Scotty DT2021 firepit logo.jpg
scotty DT2021 firepit group.jpg
And we can't wait to do it all again at Detectorcon Two 2022!

Get your tickets now - and we'll see you there!
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